A Guide to Men's Wedding Shoes

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A wedding day is a special occasion filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories. As a groom or a guest, your outfit should reflect the significance of the event.

From the perfect suit to the right accessories, every element of your attire contributes to making you look your best. But when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding shoes for men, the task can be quite daunting. With so many styles, designs, and materials to choose from, it's easy to get lost in the sea of options.

In this article, we will explore the key aspects of choosing the ideal men's formal shoes for wedding

We'll go though the shoe styles suitable for the occasion, discuss the relevance of colour and material selection. We'll also explore the importance of comfort and provide tips on how to choose the right shoe for your needs. And eventually we'll show you how to pair your wedding attire according to the level of formality.



When it comes to selecting the right men's formal shoes for your wedding, there are a few key factors to consider. First, you'll want to match the shoes to your wedding theme. Whether it's a traditional or a modern celebration, your shoes should harmonize with the environment. Additionally, you should take into consideration your personal style as well as comfort. While aesthetics are important, don't overlook comfort as you'll be on your feet from day to night. 



There is a wide array of men's formal shoes available. Each with its unique characteristics and charm. The classic oxford shoes, with their timeless elegance, sophistication and refinement. An excellent choice for a traditional wedding. Derbies with their relaxed style are suitable for both formal and semi-formal events.

Monk strap shoes, a perfect blend of classic and modern aesthetics. A great choice for grooms looking to showcase their individual style.

For a sleek and modern look, loafers provide effortless chicness while maintaining formality.



When it comes to formal shoes for weddings, few styles can rival the timeless charm of Oxfords. Due to their elegance, sophistication and sleek design, Oxfords have been a top choice for grooms and wedding guests for years.

Several are the oxford shoes styles suitable for weddings. Each with its own distinctive features.

A classic choice is the black cap-toe Oxford, known for its understated and refined style. With its touch of sophistication, it is an excellent option for a black-tie wedding. Its timeless design ensures that it will remain an impeccable up-to-date choice.

Another option to consider is the plain-toe Oxford. Less formal than the cap-toe version, it pairs well with any dress code, from black-tie to semi-formal events.

For a more relaxed or daytime wedding, brown Oxfords can be an excellent choice. While not as formal as black, they still offer a refined and put-together appearance. Pairing them with a navy or grey suit creates a warm and inviting colour palette.

Oxfords are a classic and versatile choice for formal wedding shoes. Whichever style you opt for these shoes are a reliable and stylish choice for any groom or wedding guest.



Derby shoes offer a popular and valid alternative to Oxfords. These shoes have a more relaxed and casual vibe, making them ideal for less formal weddings.

For a classic and timeless look, black plain-toe Derby shoes are an excellent choice for formal weddings. They feature a simple yet elegant design that pairs well with a black tuxedo or a formal suit. These versatile shoes can also be worn to other formal events as well.

With a touch of personality and charm, brown Derby shoes suit best for a more relaxed or less formal wedding. When opting for brown, choose a darker shade, such as chocolate or mahogany, to maintain a formal appearance. Pair them with a navy or grey suit for a stylish and sophisticated ensemble.

Another variation worth considering is the plain-toe suede derbies. These shoes add a touch of style to a less formal wedding, such as a beach or garden celebration. A plain-toe design in a neutral colour would maintain a formal aesthetic while embracing a more relaxed vibe.

Derby shoes are a classic and versatile choice for formal wedding footwear. They may not have the utmost formality of Oxfords, nevertheless their refined appearance makes an appropriate style for most wedding settings. Black plain-toe Derby shoes are a safe and stylish option for formal weddings. Brown Derby shoes, offer more versatility for those seeking an alternative colour. 



Monk strap shoes are a unique and stylish choice for men seeking formal footwear. Versatile, fashionable, and comfortable, monk strap shoes are a fantastic option for weddings.

Single monk strap shoes feature a single strap that crosses over the vamp and buckles on the side. This versatile shoe can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for various occasions. Classic options for formal weddings include black or brown options.

For a formal wedding, a pair of black single monk strap shoes is a sleek and stylish choice. They effortlessly complement any formal occasion, whether paired with a tuxedo or a formal suit. They strike the perfect balance between classic sophistication and contemporary flair.

Double monk straps offer a more unique and fashion-forward option. Perfect for those who wish to stand out from the crowd. These shoes elevate most wedding outfits, offering a modern and stylish allure.

Black double monk strap shoes inject personality and flair into your ensemble. With their sleek, modern design, they are sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. Dark brown or oxblood monk strap shoes are an ideal choice for fashionable grooms. These shoes give a a touch of colour while maintaining the appropriate level of formality.

Monk strap shoes are an excellent choice for men searching for stylish and comfortable formal footwear. Their versatility, variety of colours and styles, ensure they are a reliable option



Loafers are a fantastic choice for those seeking a more relaxed and comfortable option for formal weddings. 

Penny loafers are a timeless and versatile option. They boast a sleek and straightforward design, featuring a small slit on the front that resembles a penny. This iconic detail adds a touch of charm to the shoes, making them an excellent choice for those aiming for a permanent and refined look.

Tassel loafers grant a sense of sophistication and effortless elegance. With their tassel embellishments, these loafers make a stylish statement at formal weddings. A preferred choice among stylish men, they add a touch of flair and personality to the ensemble. 

When considering loafers for a formal wedding, keep in mind the level of formality and dress code of the event. While loafers are more casual, they can still be suitable depending on the formality of the event. In a more relaxed, laid-back setting, loafers are the perfect balance between comfort and style.

To get a cohesive and polished look, choose loafers that match the formality of the wedding. Classic black or brown loafers are safe option, as they seamlessly integrate into any formal ensemble. For a bolder approach, consider different shades as burgundy or navy. 



When it comes to colour, it's best to choose a shade that complements your suit or tuxedo while adding depth and sophistication to your outfit.

The right shoe colour can help tie your entire outfit together and make you look polished and put together.

Traditional black formal shoes remain a popular choice, the epitome of utmost formality and elegance. Their versatility ensures they pair well with various suit colours and styles. They are appropriate for both daytime and evening weddings and you can wear them in any season.

Classic brown shoes are a great alternative to black shoes. An excellent choice for fall and winter weddings as they add a touch of warmth and texture to the outfit. With their wide array of shades, brown shoes offer a timeless and understated charm, blending seamlessly with both lighter and darker suits.

If you're looking for a more contemporary option, grey provides a refined and modern alternative. Grey shoes add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble without overpowering the rest of your attire. Burgundy or navy offer a rich and refined look, adding an eye-catching element to your personal style.



Comfort should be your top priority when selecting shoes for your wedding day. Regardless of the style, you'll be on your feet for hours on end, so you want to make sure that your shoes provide ample support and that will allow you to dance the night away without any discomfort. Take the time to try on different pairs and walk around in them to ensure they fit well and provide the desired comfort.

When trying on shoes, make sure to wear the socks you plan on wearing on your wedding day. Take the time to walk around and test them on different surfaces to test their performance. Additionally, bear in mind that formal shoes often require a break-in period. Wear them a few times before your wedding day to allow the shoes to adapt to your feet. This would ensure optimal comfort when it matters the most.

The right style and fit can elevate your wedding attire and make you feel confident and comfortable on your big day. Don't rush your decision when choosing your wedding shoes. Take the time to find the perfect pair that suits your style, is comfortable and meets the formality of the wedding.



When it comes to formal wedding shoes for men, the material used to make them is another factor to consider. There are two main materials used for formal wedding shoes: full grain and patent leather. Each has its own unique features and benefits.

Full grain leather shoes are the classic choice for formal occasions, including weddings. They are stylish, durable, and versatile, making them suitable for a range of events and dress codes. One of the main advantages of leather shoes is their durability. A well-made pair of leather shoes can last for years with proper care, making them a worthwhile investment. They are also comfortable to wear, with the leather conforming to the shape of your feet over time. 

Patent leather shoes are another popular choice for formal weddings. They have a shiny, glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Patent leather shoes are often worn with tuxedos or formal suits, making them ideal for black tie events.

One of the main advantages of patent leather shoes is their eye-catching appearance. The shiny finish reflects light and draws attention to your feet, making them a great choice if you want to make a statement. They are also easy to clean and maintain, with the patent finish resisting scuffs and scratches. 

Both leather and patent leather shoes are excellent choices for formal weddings. The decision between the two comes down to personal preference and the specific dress code of the event.



Complementing your men's formal shoes properly can further enhance your wedding attire. Pairing them with the right socks is a chance to express your personality. Opt for traditional black or subtle, complementary shades for a more formal look. Alternatively, you can choose bold, vibrant colours or patterned socks for a touch of individuality or to match the wedding theme.

Coordinating the colour of your belt with your formal shoes is essential for a cohesive and refined appearance. Ensure that the shades are harmonious, as a mismatch can disrupt the overall visual balance. Lastly, proper shoe care is vital to maintain the pristine look of your formal shoes. Regular shoe care would help preserve their shine and extend their longevity, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for future special occasions.



Dress codes can be confusing, but pairing the right shoes with the right attire can make a huge difference. Let's take a look at some popular dress codes for weddings and the perfect shoe pairings to match. 

Black-tie weddings are the most formal dress code for weddings. If you're attending a black-tie wedding, you'll need to wear a tuxedo. For shoes, black patent leather oxfords or derbies are the best option. They are sleek, polished, and add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Pair them with black dress socks.

Formal weddings require a dressier outfit and dressier shoes that match the level of formality of the event. Oxfords, derbies, monk straps, and loafers are all great options for formal weddings. They can be paired with a variety of suits, from tuxedos to three-piece suits. They are classic, stylish, and will complement your formal attire. Pair them with dress socks that match your suit.

Semi-formal weddings are less dressy but still require a suit. For semi-formal weddings, brown oxfords and loafers are a great option. They are versatile and add a touch of personality to your outfit. Pair them with dress socks that complement the colour of your suit.

The first rule is to always go with appropriate footwear that matches the occasion. Make sure to still keep the level of formality in mind, and avoid shoes that are too casual or sporty. You don't want to show up at a formal event in sneakers or sandals - it just won't look good. Stick to basic colours like black and brown if you're unsure of what to wear.



Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, one that you'll cherish for the rest of your life. It's an opportunity to celebrate your love with your partner and the people closest to you. Such special day demand the closest attention to details, from the perfect outfit to the right shoes.

Choosing your wedding shoes is not just about the style and the look. It's about feeling confident and comfortable on your big day. Your shoes need to keep up with you as you walk down the aisle, dance with your partner, and celebrate with your guests. With the right pair of shoes, you can focus on the moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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